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Sheet music and other documents (except maps and some other materials which are specifically described) for sale on the me4u.biz are available in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf extension). So they are good for both PC and Macintosh computers. They are printable on regular printers and you will get full scale copy of the documents.

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All sheet music scores for just 1.99 EURO

Classical Sheet Music

R. Wagner. Piano transcriptions by R. Wagner. With voice lines in Russian. Contest: 1. The Leaflet from the album. 2. Arrival of the Black Swans. 3. Dreams. 4. Sentha’s Ballad. From “The Flying Dutchman” opera. 5. The singer’s competition. From the “Tannhäuser” opera. 6. The choir of pilgrims. From the “Tannhäuser” opera. 7. Wolphram romance. From the “Tannhäuser” opera. 8. Eliza’s arioso. From the “Lohengrin” opera. 9. Scene. Lohengrin and choir. From the “Lohengrin” opera. 10. Wedding choir. From the “Lohengrin” opera. 11. Introduction for the “Tristan und Isolde” opera. 12. Sailors’ song from the “Tristan und Isolde” opera. 13. Tristan und Isolde duet from the “Tristan und Isolde” opera. 14. Walter’s song. From “The Mastersingers of Nuremburg” opera. 15. Finale choir. From “The Mastersingers of Nuremburg” opera. 16. Zigmund’s love song. From “The Valkyrie” opera. 17. Walgalla. An Excerpt from the “Siegfried” opera. 18. Funeral march. From “The Twilight of the Gods” opera. 66 Pages. Price: EURO 1.99
Anton Arensky, Stepanovich (1861 - 1906) (Arenski)
- Four pieces for violin and piano. Prelude. Serenade. Lullaby. Scherzo. Op 30. 1951. 38 pages. Price: 3 USD
- Quartet for 2 violins, alto and cello. A-moll. Op 35a. Separate score. 49 pages. Price: 3 USD
Aram Khachaturian. Toccata for piano. 12 pages. Price: USD 3.
Sulkhan Tsintsadze. Three miniatures. For two violins, alto and cello. 9 double pages. Price: USD 4.
Otar Taktakishvili. Consolation.For piano. 2 pages. Price: 1 USD/EURO. 
Anatoli Aleksandrov. Fuga #1 C-dur op.100 / Fuga #2 e-moll op.100 / Fuga #3 b-moll op.100 N. Rakov. (1973) Octave / V. Petrov. Two Preludes / G.Vavilov. Fugue. From "Contrasts" suite / B. Budnitski. Two pieces: Andante. Outburst / A. Samonov. Stavropol Notebook. (Four pieces). Pages: 59.
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Andreievich (1844-1908). Concert for piano and orchestra. Op. 30. C#-moll. Full score. 82 pages. 6.8 MB. Price: USD 3.
Tubin, Edvard (Eduard). Symphony #5. Full score. 160 pages.
Franz (Ferenc) Liszt. Transcendental Etudes (12). For piano. 111 printable pages. 8.21x11.47 inches.    More Information.
Best compositions of the best composers of all times - originals (if they are easy to play) or adapted for the amateur piano players. You will spend unforgettable minutes playing these amazing pieces at your leisure time. You will wonder your spouse playing beautiful tunes; you will attract attention of a person you are trying to get more acquainted with; you will deeper the sense of love with your girlfriend or boyfriend, your colleagues will discover your new gifts and your friends would say they haven't known in full what a refined soul you actually have. To play all the compositions form these music books you should be 5 form of music school graduate at least.
  1. Compilation #1.    More information
  2. Compilation #2.    More information
  3. Compilation #3.    More information
  4. Compilation #4.    More information
  5. Compilation #5.    More information
  6. Compilation #6.    More information
  7. Compilation #7.    More information

Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin (Schedrin 1932 - ). 24 Preludes and Fugues(Fugas). Flat keys. Vol. 2. #XIII - XXIV (13-24) Polyphonic Notebook 24 preludes and fugues for piano. 85 pages.    More information

Wind and brass orchestra Soviet time music

Boris Kozhevnikov (Kojevnikov) (1906 - 1985).

- Ballet Suite. For wind orchestra. 1951. Full score. 25 Voices. 55 pages.
- Small Suite. For wind orchestra. 1947. Full score and separate voices. 32 Voices. 55 pages.
- March for ceremonial passing on. + V. Runov. Steel Columns. March. 1961. Full score and separate voices. 24 Voices. 55 pages.
- Russian Fantasy. For wind orchestra. 1950. Separate voices. 32 Voices. 35 pages.
- Choral with variations for soloist instruments. For wind orchestra. Concerto variations. 1976. Separate voices. 40 pages.

Compilation of Georgian Marches. 1954. Full score.
1. Andrea Balanchivadze. For the Caucasus Defence. 2. A. Machavariani. Victory March. 3. Shalva Taktakishvili. Young Hero. 4. B. Bokhua. Georgian March #3. 5. Shota Milorava. Happy Generation. 6. G. Marutian (Marutyan). Georgian March. 7. K.Kvachantiradze. Campaign March (mravaljamier). 8. N. Jeltukhin. March #3. Doli (Georgian drums) with orchestra. 9. V. Dolenko. Georgian March. 146 pages.
Aram Khachaturian. To the Heroes of the II World War. 1946. 24 separate voices. 25 double pages.
Julius Hait.

- To the Glory of Heroes. March. 1944. 24 separate voices. No conductor score. 52 double pages. Price: USD 2
- March of Seamen. 1944. 24 separate voices. No conductor score. 54 double pages. Price: USD 2
- Fly Higher and Higher – march of Soviet Airforces. 1936. 19 separate voices. No conductor score. 20 double pages.Price: USD 2
M. Starokadomsky. Victory – campaign march. 1945. 19 separate voices. No conductor score. 45 double pages.
S. Chernetsky (Chernetski). Biro-bidjan March for wind orchestra. Tribute tp M.I. Kalinin. Piano reduction by D.F.Saliman-Vladimirov. 1934. 6 pages.
V. Runov.
- Editor V. Runov. New Marches. For wind orchestra. Full score. 1952.
1. V. Verchenko. March, 2. A. Efimov. Selebration March, 3. B. Jarikov. Campaign March, 4. A. Zaidenberg. Fighting Friends March, 5. M. Kuznetsov. Komsomol March. 87 Pages. No separate voices.
- Galop. / U. Hait. Concert Waltz. / L. Malter. Uigursky Dance. Compiler: V. Runov. For Wind Orchestra. No conductor score. Only separate 21 voices. 1950. 79 (double) pages.
B. Anisimov. Two Voyage Marches. For Wind (Brass) Orchestra. 24 separate voices. 40 (double) pages.
B. Soloviev-Sedoy (Soloviev-Sedoi). Nakhimovtsi March. (Orchestration by B. Anisimov). 1951. For wind orchestra. Separate 24 voices. 1951. 15 double pages.
Adan, Adolph (1936). Giselle (Jizel). Ballet-pantomime in 2 actions. Arrangement for piano. 176 pages. Price: USD 4

Semeon (Semen) Chernetsky.
- March "Salut Moskvi" (Moscow Salute). For wind orchestra. Full score. 20 separate instruments. 1944. Pages: 108. USD/EURO 19.
- The March of 53-th Shooting Guards Division. For wind orchestra. Full score. Separate instruments. 1944. Pages: 26. Price: USD 3
- The March "Rodnoi Donbass" (Nativ Donbass). For wind orchestra. Full score. 24 separate instruments. 1944. Pages: 108. Price: USD 3
- "March of the Guards Mortarmen". For brass orchestra - full score and no separate instruments. 29 pages. Price: 6 USD/EURO
- "March of the Guards Mortarmen". For two pianos, synthesizer and electric bass guitar. No separate instruments. 7 pages.  Price: 2 USD/EURO.  

- Compilation of pieces for wind orchestra.
Orchestra composition: flute, Clarinet Es; Clarinet B I, II, III; cornets B I, II; Trumpets B I, II; alts Es I, II; French horn Es I, II; tenors B I, II, III, baritone, bass I, II.; small drums; percussion and big drum.
1. V. Runov. Down the Volga river.
2. V. Runov. As At Our Gates.
3. Listov-Runov. Machinegun Cart.
4. V. Kruchinin. From the First Red-army Suite. Trepak (dance)
5. V. Kruchinin. From the First Red-army Suite. Gopak (dance)
Separate instruments and voices parts. Pages: 200. Price: USD 5

N. Ivanov-Radkevich. Komsomol XX Anniversary Celebration. Voyage March. 1938. 25 voices. Pages: 75.

International Jazz

- 447 popular jazz themes (evergreen). Music scores for piano. Lyrics, the melody line and chord symbols are given. Printable and viewable for PC and Macintosh. Format: Acrobat Reader. 448 printable pages. Size: 8.5x11 inches. 12.8 MB.    More information
- Virtuoso Jazz Pianist in 66 Exercises. An outstanding sheet music for beginners and advanced finger, harmony, left hand accompaniment and standard technical solutions training. Volume I. Exercises #1 – 66. 64 printable pages. 8.2x11 inches.
- Virtuoso Jazz Pianist in 44 Exercises. An outstanding sheet music for advanced pianists finger, harmony, left hand accompaniment and standard technical solutions training. Volume II. Exercises #67 – 111. 87 printable pages. 8.2x11 inches.
- 29 popular jazz compositions (evergreen). For piano with lyrics for some pieces. 79 printable pages. 8x11.5 inches. Price: USD 5   More information


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